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Find Your Size

We always recommend our clients to get professionally sized by a jeweler prior to making a purchase, or order a low-cost ring sizer via Amazon. However, this alternative is only if that option cannot be done.

Make your jewelry unmistakably yours by finding your perfect size. Your ring should fit just right; not too snug, not too tight.

How to find your ring size:

1. Wrap string, tape, or any loose piece of cloth around your finger close to your knuckle. 

2. Mark where your medium of measurement overlaps. 

3. Remove string from your finger and compare your measurements to a ruler. (inches or mm)

4. Find your ring size conversion by using this chart.

or, try this:

1. Find a ring that fits your preferred finger well.

2. Print out a ring sizing chart and place your ring over the circles on the chart. *The lines should be inside the ring for a good fit.